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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Peugeot Car colour changes depending on your Mood (Happy or Sad or Agressive)

According to some reports from UK based news tabloid telegraph they have find a car that changes its color according to the driver’s mood . In their news article they have also shared a video demonstrating how a car changes its color according to the driver’s mood.Technically it had not been done yet . But its not impossible as well so just see the video yourself and judge whether it is  possible or not .

Peugeot technicians developed this kind of pioneering new technology by using a psycho chromatic coating (mood paint), which alters the molecular structure of the paint to emit light at varying wavelengths. The driver’s moods are detected via heat sensors integrated into the steering wheel, which read their body temperature and pulse rate to change the exterior colour of the car accordingly.

Here is the demo video of the car colour changing depending on mood !!! 



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