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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Hirobo One-Man Battery powered Helicopter

Hirobo's One Man Helicopter which was showcased at an expo in Nagoya.The Chopper has the capacity of flying upto 30 minutes and travel upto 100km/hr (62mph) at a time. The Chopper has been developed for the emergency purpose and personal transportation.

The Chopper is constructed with an electric engine which doesn't produce noise or pollution.The previous chopper named GEN H-4 was the smallest manned helicopter which produces noise and pollution.


The Electric helicopter will be sold for 30 million yen ( $ 3,75,000).The ordinary Chopper's will be sold for 10 million yen ( $1,20,000) which is cheaper than the electric helicopter.


Hirobo has the plan to develop two seater chopper as their market researchers show great potential for mass production. The Chopper will be on the market by 2021.

Click over the video to watch the One Man helicopter !!


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