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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My Versatile Blogger Award - The VBA

First , i will thank Sai Nidhi the person who nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award!!. This was my first award not only in blogging , It was the first award in my life. Thank you very much for nominating me.
Click here to visit her blog.

Here are the special things (Rules) which is required for this award.
  • If you have been nominated to this award , it that you have been awarded.
  • Thank the Blogger who nominated you.
  • Paste the award to your award.
  • You have to post 7 absolute facts about yourself and 
    should nominate seven other bloggers who deserves this award.

7 Absolute Facts About Myself: 

1) Character : Everyone used to love my character in which i used to behave very humble and socially , because if character is lost , everything is lost. So i focus on my character whenever i behave with peoples.

2) Punctual : I like to be very punctual.Wherever i go , i will be punctual minimum of 10mins earlier.If i get late my mind will be totally disturbed.

3) Being Happy Making Others Happy Always : Mostly i will be telling the word to my heart "No Worries, Be Happy" Or sometimes "All is Well". This mantra helps me to make the peoples with me happy always.

4) Foods I like : Chicken Briyani and Curd Rice very much. 

5) Colors : Blue and Black are my favorite Colors 

6) I always spend my lot of my time with my best friend PC ( Personal Computer ). 

7) I love to be friendly with everyone as most as i can and i make friends easily and the only most thing i hate is the peoples who underestimate others.

7 Bloggers who deserves this award : 

1) Balaji - 
2) Badhrinath  -
3) Dhananjayan - Swanpic Photography Blog
5) Rathin -
6) Arun - Metanerds Blog
7) Soma Mukerjee - Kurchi's Invention

Let's know about you Bloggers :) :) 


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  2. Many Congratulations Dear!!! You deserve it!!! Doing a great job!!!
    Thanks a ton for passing it on to me!!! I am glad to know that you chose my name for this award again:) Overwhelming!!!I will soon do the needful.


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